Kill Devil Diesel 6.0 Powerstroke Pistons - Coated w/Machined Bowl and Valve Reliefs

Kill Devil Diesel 6.0 Powerstroke Pistons - Coated w/Machined Bowl and Valve Reliefs

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Our Kill Devil Diesel 6.0 Powerstroke pistons are designed to be the toughest replacement available.  We machine our proprietary soft radius bowl design and valve reliefs into the Mahle based pistons - sharp edges are more likely to melt or crack, our design elimiates sharp edges.  A thermal management coating is then applied to the crown of the piston that disperses heat more evenly across the surface to avoid hot spots and protects the piston crown from the intense injection pressure of modern diesel engines. 

Pistons Feature:

-Proprietary soft radius bowl and valve relief design, eliminates sharp edges

-Tech Line thermal management coating, far superior to dated ceramic coatings

-Steel top ring groove, perfect for street strip trucks over the long haul

-Grafal moly based friction coating on skirts

-Plasma coated steel top ring, Ductile Iron second ring, 2 piece oil ring

Ceramic coating is old school technology that often flakes off due to the different thermal expansion rates of aluminum and ceramic, it's time to join the 21st century with our Tech-Line thermal management coating.  The coating dissipates heat across the top of the piston more evenly and is also more resistant to the insane injection pressures found in modern diesels and won't flake off like ceramic coatings are known for.  The pistons come with a steel top ring groove for superior wear resistance over the long haul; plasma coated steel top ring and ductile iron second ring, Grafal coated skirts.  These pistons also help drop the compression ration slightly to a more manageable number to better handle higher boost/back pressure, and extra fueling that contribute to higher cylinder pressures.  KDD pistons are used by some of the hottest 6.0's around, if you're looking for reliable towing power, competition drag truck or have a competitive pulling truck,  you will want to add a set of these pistons to your build!


DLC coating available (Shown).  Custom machining options available, email for more information.