6.0 Powerstroke Engine Overhaul Kit w/pistons and KDD camshaft kit
6.0 Powerstroke Engine Overhaul Kit w/pistons and KDD camshaft kit
6.0 Powerstroke Engine Overhaul Kit w/pistons and KDD camshaft kit

6.0 Powerstroke Engine Overhaul Kit w/pistons and KDD camshaft kit

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This engine overhaul kit includes everything you need to do a quality rebuild on your 6.0 Powerstroke!!!  As part of your purchase with KDD comes all of our experience and support, as well as our proprietary specifications for bearing clearance, piston protrusion, lifter preload, ring gap, and anything else you may need. We're happy to help get you the advice you need, or work with your machine shop to make sure everything is machined and installed correctly.  This kit comes with the ENTIRE gasket set, as well as new pistons, new pins, new rings, as well as the Kill Devil Diesel new billet camshaft kit (New billet cam, new Mahle Original LIfters, new Ford lifter guides, Chromoly Pushrods and ARP Crank Flange bolts.  We take the guess work out of the kit, we use a piston that has .010" machined off the top (right from Mahle) to compensate for milling of the block/heads.  Coated pistons available, please select bore size and camshaft stage.  

Ask about our torque plate rental program, do the job the right way, without buying an expensive torque plate for a one time use!!


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ARP Head Studs, use PN - 250-4202 for applications under 600 hp, use PN - 250-4205 for applications above 600 hp.




Notes from Mahle on the piston and gasket set:

MAHLE Original Heavy Duty Overhaul Kits give you original equipment form, fit, and function, so the fit just like the original. MAHLE Original utilizes OE equivalent or better materials in all of their head sets providing you with the Best Solution for your sealing needs.

Kit Includes:
•Pistons (8) (Select Bore Size), (XC3Z-6108-AA/1840995C1)
•Ring Sets (8 Sets) Select bore size, (1845605C92)
•Connecting Rod Bearings (8 Pair) CB-1814P, (2978934/3C3Z-6211-AA/1835094C1/1848131C91/7085756C91)
•Main Bearing Set (1 Set) MS-2223P, [3C3Z-6D309-AA)
•Engine Cylinder Head Gasket Set (1 Kit) HS54450, (3C3Z-6079-E/5C3Z-6079-B/5C3Z 6079-C/5C3Z-6079-E/5C3Z-6079-F/1891054C93)
•Engine Conversion Gasket Set (1 Kit) CS54450, (3C3Z-6E078-BA/1845253C92)
•Camshaft Bearing Set (1 Set) SH-1996S, (3C3Z-6A251-AA/1828127C1)