KDD Torque Plate Rental

KDD Torque Plate Rental

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KDD Torque plate rental - Can't get your engine to us to rebuild? No problem - you can rent our equipment to use with your local machine shop to save you the full cost of specialized equipment you may only use one time.  Along with the torque plate kit comes our professional advice to ensure you have precision, accurate machining, critical for any quality engine build. By using a torque plate, you simulate the torque applied to the block when the head studs are torqued, which creates stress in the block and distorts the cylinders our of round (sometimes by as much as .003", or more than 50% of the total skirt clearance).  By utilizing a torque plate during final machining, you ensure that you have cylindrical, round cylinder bores with proper piston skirt clearance upon final assembly for a perfect piston ring seal and low blow-by.  In addition to torque plate rental, we will be happy to provide helpful information such as cylinder wall surface finish, crosshatch angle, piston clearance, balancing advice and much more. 

Torque plate rental works like tool rental at most auto parts stores, the plate is $600 dollars to rent, with a $400 dollar refund when it is returned within 60 days, complete, in good working order.  If you decide you may need it in the future, simply keep it and it's yours.  


Email us today with any questions: KillDevilDiesel@gmail.com