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Starting at $28/mo or 0% APR with Affirm
Starting at $28/mo or 0% APR with Affirm

Coated Combustion Chamber and Exhaust Ports

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Add efficiency and reliability to your order by adding coated combustion chambers to your set of KDD heads!  This service applies our same thermal barrier coating to the combustion chamber of the cylinder heads, and exhaust ports.  This uses a state of the art thermal coating, developed for use on the top fuel dragsters...the coating offers industry leading heat rejection.  We all remember from Science class that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred.  When we burn fuel, we're converting BTU energy from the fuel into kinetic energy (power, driving the piston, rods, crankshaft, etc).  A large portion of that energy escapes as heat, some of which is absorbed into the water jacket, and transfers back to the atmosphere.  The more of that energy we can transfer into power production, the more efficient the system becomes, and the more energy you squeeze out of every drop of fuel.
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