KDD Valve Springs 6.0/6.4 Powerstroke

KDD Valve Springs 6.0/6.4 Powerstroke

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Stock Plus (Stage 1/Standard)

     For a mild bump over used factory springs, we use these quality USA made valve springs as the standard spring for our popular o-ringed cylinder heads, perfect for the daily driver, tow rig, or mild performance upgrade looking for solid reliability. Used factory springs typically have around 60-70 psi at 1.865" installed height.  These have 80lb load @ 1.825", we use these in all of our stock replacement cylinder heads.

Street Performance Valve Sprigns (Stage 2)

     These street performance springs are ideal for trucks with moderate turbo and injector upgrades such as 155-190/30 WDI injectors paired with a drop in KC Turbo or similar.  We don't just offer a "one size fits all" valve spring, there's the right spring for the application, and "more isn't always better".  These springs feature 100lb load at an installed height of 1.825".  They're perfect for the street truck with a moderate sized single turbo capable of 40-50+ psi of boost, occasional track use, daily driving, etc. 

  Often times back pressure is 1.5-3x higher than boost pressure, especially during a hard downshift or torque converter lockup.  During those times it's important to ensure the valve springs are strong enough so as not to be overcome by boost.  We use these in all our Street and Super Street Performance engine builds, well matched for a Stage 2 camshaft.   (Large Compound Turbo and Nitrous applications should use the  Stage 3 - Competition springs).

Competition Valve Springs (Stage 3)

     These springs have a 120lb load, and are for the competition truck or hot street application, perfect for compound turbo setups, nitrous, and anything else you can throw at them.  If you need a 100 psi boost gauge, these are the springs for you.  They've been proven by Charlie Keeter's back to back Diesel Power Magazine's DPC victories and record setting (9.51@148mph, KDD engine) with repeated trips down the 1/4 mile well over 100 psi of boost/back pressure.  We use these in all of our in house competition builds, well matched for a stage 3 camshaft.

While these springs cover 99% of our customers needs, we also have custom springs available for the build that is off the charts.  Email for more info.  

Stage 4 & 5 Springs - Call before ordering to ensure they are correct for your application...these would be ideal for our exclusive solid roller Jesel Valvetrain kits used for serious hardcore competition only use. 


Add a set of KDD pushrods with your order to handle the extra spring pressure of our performance springs!