S&S LML CP3 Conversion Kit
S&S LML CP3 Conversion Kit

S&S LML CP3 Conversion Kit

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All S&S Diesel Motorsport CP3 Pumps come with a 2 year warranty. LML CP3 conversion kit w/pump – Offroad Use Only – No DPF – Tuning Required.

Duramax CP3 pumps are built from brand new Bosch LBZ-based pumps, and then modified to suit various fueling requirements from 500 to 1,400 horsepower in a single pump configuration. Every S&S CP3 pump will have a data sheet in the box that is crucial for proper calibration.

S&S CP3 pumps are internally modified, besides just increasing displacement, to efficiently deliver fuel well beyond the peak RPM of most diesel engines. Why? Some competition engines need high-rpm fueling, so S&S makes it a standard. The competition CP3 pumps might not be for everyone, but they're a wise choice for those who want the best... and the data above backs it up.

LML CP3 Conversion Kit Features:

  • LML CP3 conversion kit with or without pump
  • Eliminate unreliable CP4
  • 50 state legal options available
  • 2 year warranty